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Confidence, Convenience, Control.

Why we're different

The Yourkeys
purchase journey

  • Update all users at the touch of a button
  • Track every purchase - start to finish with notifications and updates at every stage
  • Buyers automatically updated at every step
  • Communicate directly with all users, 24hr

The conventional
purchase journey

  • Getting chased constantly for updates
  • Difficult to see the bigger picture
  • Confused and unhappy buyers
  • Poor communication

How it works

Complete clarity

Never miss a trick again! Track the progress of every purchase 'live'. No more getting chased by sales staff or estate agents for updates. It's all automated. Just log in, perform your tasks and all the other users can see your progress. 

See the big picture

Boost productivity by having complete oversight of all your instructions at any time with deadlines and notifications for all of them!

Collaborate with your team

Inviting your team is really easy. Once they’re in, assigning them to relevant instructions is even easier.


Never leave a voicemail again! Communicate effectively with all the other stakeholders in the process at the touch of a button. 

For everyone

Yourkeys is a tool for everyone in the buying/selling process. Whether you're representing a buyer or a seller, Yourkeys will work for you! 

Happy buyers

Buyers are fragile, and who can blame them when they're buying the most expensive thing they'll ever own! Using Yourkeys allows your clients to be constantly updated as to what's happening in their purchase. Giving them complete transparency and putting them at ease, making the whole thing less stressful. Happy clients, that's what you want, right?

Completely free!

We know what you're thinking, all these amazing features can't be free, can they? Yes, they can, using the yourkeys platform is completely free for conveyancers. All we ask is that you do your best to keep all the users up to date with the platform so everyone is happy!

Get more clients

When using Yourkeys you and the buyers can rate each other on how well you did on things like communication and value. If you choose, we can put your services forward to other buyers, but remember, buyers like 5-star ratings!

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