Purchase types to suit your business

Utilising different schemes to sell your properties? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. All of the below transaction types are covered with Yourkeys, each with their own bespoke workflow to help you get those sales through!

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New Reservation

1. Online Reservation

Take reservations entirely online. Add details about the purchase and then send a link to the buyers for them to complete AML, ID verification, e-sign documents and pay fees – all from their own device.

New Reservation

2. Automatically Generate Documents

Save hours of work by automatically completing documents required for each transaction. Add in details of the purchase and we’ll automatically complete all of the following docs – Never make errors on your docs again!​

  • • Reservation agreements
  • • Help to Buy applications (PIF forms)
  • • Disclosure of Incentive form (CML)
  • • Transaction Information Form (TIF – TA6 & TA8)
  • • Source of funds declaration form
  • • Gifted deposit declaration form
  • • Proof of address
New Reservation

3. Identity Verification & Proof of Address

We scan the user’s government-issued ID and detect whether it’s genuine or fraudulent, down to a single pixel. We cover over 4,500 document types from 195 countries.

Add proof of the buyer’s address to comply with AML regulations.

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4. AML Reports

We check the buyers’ details against global databases to pull together, the following reports, in minutes! Saving you, and everyone else in the transaction hours of work. ​

  • • Government Sanctions
  • • Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)
  • • Anti-Terrorism watchlists
  • • Anti-Money Laundering watchlists
  • • Adverse media report
  • • CIA, GCHQ and other government agency wanted/watchlists
  • • Disqualified directors (global)
Sales Progression

Automated Tracking

Instruct from over 2,000 buyer-rated conveyancers and mortgage brokers and you’ll receive real-time sales progression updates directly into your dashboard so you and your buyers are always kept up to date.

Integrates seamlessly into your CRM/ERP

Rather than get everyone to migrate to our (admittedly awesome!) sales progression dashboard, all stakeholders can continue using their existing CRM or ERP tools if they wish. With Yourkeys’ clever tech and smart integrations, all sales progression data is automatically fed into existing systems, making it easy to get started with Yourkeys.


1. Document Store

Easy access to all of your docs from a secure shared document store.


2. Case Notes

Add notes about your purchases so everyone in your organisation stays on top of the progress


3. Chain Tracking

If your buyers are in chains, no problem! Keep on top of the progress of each transaction in the chain by adding details into our Chain Tracker.


Reporting & Analytics Dashboard

A real-time data and analytics dashboard provides hundreds of data sets to help you better understand your sales.

  • 10ED3684-14D5-4434-8BED-2CDF0FC0E8CBCreated with sketchtool. Helps you manage your customer relationships with real-time info and transaction history
  • 10ED3684-14D5-4434-8BED-2CDF0FC0E8CBCreated with sketchtool. Helps you identify where transactions are not progressing to plan
  • 10ED3684-14D5-4434-8BED-2CDF0FC0E8CBCreated with sketchtool. Helps you focus your sales team effort on the things that matter
  • 10ED3684-14D5-4434-8BED-2CDF0FC0E8CBCreated with sketchtool. Helps you manage your conveyancer relationships
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