The Yourkeys 'Progression Tracker API' is the easiest way for users to connect to the UK's conveyancing ecosystem.

Connect your panel of conveyancers into your CRM with one simple API!

The Progression Tracker API allows you to submit instructions and receive real-time progression milestones from over 1,100 law firms in the UK directly through your existing CRM or ERP system.


No more chasing for updates

Get real-time progression milestones back from your instructed conveyancers and mortgage brokers.

Submit instructions direct

No more emailing fragmented piece of data about transactions, submit everything direct to their Case Management System (CMS) through your CRM

A wide network

Over 1,110 conveyancers and 1,400 brokers to choose from. We're growing this all the time!

How it works

    1. Request access to the API documentation below.

    2. Implement the API into your existing workflow within your CRM

    3. Once implemented, when creating a new reservation, click the Yourkeys button within your CRM/ERP

    4. Select the conveyancer your buyer wants to instruct.

    5. You’ll get notified when they’ve received the instruction (usually instantly).

    6. All progression milestones are pulled back into your CRM/ERP in real-time

Integrates seamlessly into your CRM/ERP

Rather than get everyone to migrate to our (admittedly awesome!) sales progression dashboard, all stakeholders can continue using their existing CRM or ERP tools if they wish. With Yourkeys’ clever tech and smart integrations, all sales progression data is automatically fed into existing systems, making it easy to get started with Yourkeys.

For developers, by developers

Yourkeys builds with developers in mind. Get set up in the Dashboard instantly, and with just a few lines of code, you can implement Yourkeys in an afternoon.


+ many more

“We could have spent years building integrations to law firms that wouldn’t have come close to what Yourkeys provides.”

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