The Yourkeys network connects everyone in the
property sales eco-system so that data and information
can be passed securely between parties
in each transaction.


There are multiple parties that require data about each transaction (conveyancers, mortgage brokers and lenders) but their systems do not speak to each other effectively.


Yourkeys has connected together the in-house systems of over 1,100 law firms and over 1,400 mortgage brokers.

How it works

  1. Create a reservation by completing all of the required tasks

  2. Select which conveyancer and/or mortgage broker you’d like to instruct

  3. Confirm reservation

  4. The instructed stakeholders will receive the instruction and all associated documents directly into their Case Management System (no logging into another system or duplication of effort!)

  5. As they progress the case in their own software, we pull real-time updates back (over 50 milestones) into Yourkeys to keep you and your buyers up to date at all times.

Integrates seamlessly into your CRM/ERP

Rather than get everyone to migrate to our (admittedly awesome!) sales progression dashboard, all stakeholders can continue using their existing CRM or ERP tools if they wish. With Yourkeys’ clever tech and smart integrations, all sales progression data is automatically fed into existing systems, making it easy to get started with Yourkeys.

What if my conveyancer or broker isn’t in your network?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Our reference implementation API means we can integrate into new conveyancers in as little as 2 days. What’s more, its completely free!

Integrated Law Firms

+ many more

Integrated mortgage brokers

+ many more

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